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The mobile user engagement on major social media apps

Source: Statista

It looks like Twitter is not as chirpy as we thought. This chart from Statista shows the number of minutes on average that users engage with social media across the most famous platforms.

Facebook has been estimated to pull in 30.3minutes on average per user, not surprising as it’s such a very large source of information, requiring possibly more reading or watching time to view content.

SnapChat is second with 8.5 minutes, a huge social platform in other countries like the United States of America. This was followed by YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Twitter came in last with only 2.7 minutes from a single user per period of time.

According to Statista:

‘fueled by doubts about the company’s growth and profit potential, Twitter’s shares plummeted by more than 60 percent in the past 12 months, shaving $20 billion off the company’s valuation. And the bad news keep rolling in: Morgan Stanley lowered its price target to $16 a share in a note published on Thursday. The analysts quote Twitter’s weak user engagement and lackluster user growth as the main reasons for their downgrade.’

Although these are averages compiled in the USA, we can safely say the time spent on Facebook is far higher than that on Twitter as well in Zambia. This is mostly due to the fact that there are not as many active users logged onto Twitter as there are on Facebook. Zambia has seen more adaptation to Facebook than Twitter over the years. Facebook has come up with either free Facebook, Internet.org and Facebook Lite options to make accessing the social media app much cheaper, or even free, even if it has some limitations. Twitter also seems to consume much more data bundles than Facebook does, due to

We hope to share a proper Zambian synopsis soon!


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