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1. Gadgets Will Become Smarter: We’ve seen too many prototypes in 2014 to see them carry on into 2015 as just that, prototypes. We expect more machines/devices to become smarter, from home appliances to phones. Zambia will get its own share of this new tech from companies that supply such gadgets e.g Samsung Zambia, mobile network operators (MNOs), and other credible gadget stores around. This may also be the year wearables start to really penetrate the Zambian market, we already saw the Samsung Gear range kick start that movement last year.

2. Mobile Money Will Become More Viable: A powerful tool yet not so commercialized yet, mobile money should atleast make a mark this year for many transactions done in the e-commerce environment currently brewing in Zambia. The convenience of this service cannot be over emphasized enough. It is also up to the mobile money service providers to make it less flawed, available to each user at whatever time, to have a technical team that monitors and curbs problems fast enough for the user not to notice any glitches. Everyone has a phone, so why not everyone jump on the mobile money horse, straddle up and ride

3. Access To MNOs Will Be Countrywide: Forget climbing a hill or tree to get network access on your phones, we expect to see more towers erected around the country. Not a cheap venture, but a necessary one. Last year ZICTA (Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority) put up over 160 cell towers in especially rural areas to improve access to mobile operators’ services, and we expect to see those fully utilized. The last report we got about them is that some were still not yet being used by MNOs. What are we waiting for MNOs.

4. Cloud Service Usage Will Increase: Sadly, very few people understand how the cloud works but with enough articles from us about how that and what types they are, there should be an account for every Zambian individual or even institution out there. The cloud is a safe haven for everything we own, provided we have the gadgets that actually work with it. The devices now that allow cloud computing to operate on them will definitely increase, giving more access to information to the people as they can share more over a cloud than they could before with traditional methods, like emails. Read more about cloud computing here. 

5. Internet of Things (IoT) Will Be More Alive: Technology is fast becoming a must-have in any industry due to the simplification it brings to the processes. We expect to see more internet friendly services being utilized this year, as well as more people getting on board with it, reducing ignorance and fear of trying out anything that has to do with technology. Almost everything we can think of will start to use the internet as a medium in a way. Refer to point 1. 

6. Internet Security Will Tighten: Seeing as cloud hacks dominated part of 2014, from Apple’s iCloud to Sony very recently, we will definitely see more measures being put out on personal security, as well as that of larger corporations. Nobody wants to see their stuff out there so the sooner they put a plug in it, the quicker points 1, 2, 4 and 5 will truly take effect.

7. Increased Analytics Applications: If we are to totally move onto the ‘Internet of Things’ there will be a need to get actual statistics/numbers on how well it’s improving. Almost every application will have an analysis tool or feature to enable both the firms behind the application and the users to know answers to how well they are progressing, or how much impact a particular platform they are on is faring, whether personal or public. We’ve had various analysis tools and sites that are third party but 2015 may change that, with more of them being incorporated as one packaged bundle for easier analysis for everyone.

8. More Tech Startups Will Shroom: There is buzz in the Zambian startup scene that calls for technological applications, and we know they will be in abundance this year. Hopefully they get the nod from the relevant authorities they decide to work with. Most will have to do with e-commerce, others will have to do with just simply making work easier for already existing processes. Whatever the tech startups will be, we are right here waiting to write all about them.

If these aren’t the biggest trends, we don’t think we would have improved tech wise at all, so here’s to 2015, and to an entirely thrilling tech journey!!!

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