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Mark Zuckerburg Starts A Book Club on Facebook

Image Credit: Buzzfed


With complaints rising of how this generation is not reading enough books but using more social media (which is still kind of reading in a way!), how about books on social media? Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerburg is doing exactly that with a book club on Facebook this year. He already invited over 30 million people to join on Facebook itself so that’s a pretty big group if they all accept the invitation.

The Facebook page is called A Year Of Books and he ultimately wants to ace his 2015 Resolution of reading a new book every 2 weeks. The aim is to read books on various topics and have a discussion board on the page. Right now the book being started off with is ‘The End of Power’ by Moises Naim.


If this doesn’t spur on the book buying business, God knows what will. A reading culture in Zambia for example seems slowly underway. We now see more books running out stock in bookstores than ever before.

You don’t have to travel to experience another way of looking at things or knowing how things work the way they do, simply read a book. It doesn’t have to be paperback. eBooks are fast becoming the leading source of literature because paperback may run out while PDF files stay winning.

It’s only been 3 days since he made the club, and it now has about 122, 613 at the time of print of this article. That’s an impressive response. We expect it to rise further.

Guess we now get the ‘book’ in Facebook, finally!


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