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PayMint Africa Appointed Official Distributor of Newland Payment Terminals in Zambia and SADC Region

PayMint Africa recently announced that they have been appointed as the official authorized distributor of Newland Payment (PoS) Terminals by African Resonance for Zambia and the surrounding SADC region. This strategic partnership is set to empower PayMint Africa to offer a comprehensive range of African Resonance products and services to banks and fintech companies throughout the region.

By leveraging African Resonance’s extensive experience, expertise, and proven success in terminal estate supply and maintenance, PayMint Africa is positioned to deliver unparalleled solutions and support to its valued clients. The collaboration aims to provide innovative, reliable, and scalable payment technologies, enhancing the payment landscape in the SADC region. Through this partnership, PayMint Africa will be able to facilitate seamless transactions and foster financial inclusion across the continent.

This move is expected to have a significant impact on the financial sector, providing banks and fintech companies with access to high-quality payment terminals and support services. By working together, PayMint Africa and African Resonance are set to drive growth and innovation in the payment industry, ultimately benefiting businesses and consumers alike. The partnership underscores PayMint’s commitment to advancing financial technology and improving payment solutions across Africa.

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