Airtel Zambia signs MoU with UNZA and ZCAS

bharti-airtel-logo Are you good in school and always wanted to work for Airtel? This may be your chance to be a part of the organization because Airtel Zambia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Zambia (UNZA) and the Zambia Centre of Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) to enable the most outstanding students to become a part of Airtel as an intern when they complete school or even sponsor them to pursue graduate studies.

It’s a great initiative seeing the few jobs currently available in Zambia for all the graduates that come out of universities and colleges. Mumbi Mwila, who is the Airtel Zambia Human Resources Director, totalled the cost at K1.1 million every year that Airtel Zambia finances this move. Talk about corporate social responsibility! internship1 What will this do for students who earn the spot? Here’s 5 things an internship does for you:

1. Work experience in a corporate  world that might increase your chances of getting hired for another job elsewhere.

2. If not for another job elsewhere, you may be promoted to another position within Airtel itself, on a contract basis.

3. Spending time in that work environment will help you decide whether that actually is the career path you want to take, before you waste years in it being unhappy.

4. It looks good on your resume. A resume with internships in companies like Airtel which are global gives you a better advantage when seeking employment elsewhere.

5.  Networking is one of the things you will probably have to do and you will get to meet people from various backgrounds who you might find will help you grow in your career and job. So make it a point to meet atleast one new person a day. You never know.

Then there’s the sponsorship to study graduate courses. Looking at the price of these courses lately, you might want to get  a scholarship to pursue further education. A Bachelor’s degree these days is not a guarantee that you’ll get a job upon completion. It is still hard to get employment.

Motivated to do better in school yet? That was the whole point. Education can take you places and it’s nice to see our telecoms sector involving themselves in educational progression. We hope Airtel Zambia extends the gesture to other schools as well and increase chances for youths all over the country to be a part of the move.


Image Credit: The Outreach Interns


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