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Microsoft Releases Nokia 225 Dual SIM Phone


Just a few years ago, almost every Zambian had a Nokia handset, Not so much these days with the domination by Apple, Samsung and even Blackberry brands. However, some people have still stayed faithful to Nokia so for those who have, here’s some good news, especially if you have 2 SIM cards from two mobile operators registered to you.


The Nokia 225 was released yesterday onto the market by Microsoft (who now own Nokia) and it looks pretty much like the typical handset, screen and buttons below. The specifications are as follows:

Dimensions and weight: The Nokia 225 has dimensions of 124 x 55.5 x 10.4 mm, making it small enough to wrap your fingers around when holding it in your hand. It’s

Screen Resolution: It has a 2.3 inch 240×320 pixel resolution screen and a pixel density of 142ppi. It’s obviously not going to give you the sharpest image but for its price its clear enough for you you to see pictures on.

Colours available: White, black, green, yellow and red.

Memory: There is a memory card slot in which you can expand memory by up to 32GB.

Camera: It has a 2 MP rear camera and no front camera so you can still take some ‘okay’ pictures but you have to be knowledgeable about things like lighting to come up with awesome photos.

OS: Nokia series 30+, which Nokia uses on a lot of its entry level devices

Sim: Nokia 225 comes with 2 SIM slots and to be honest this is far much convenient and also much better than the “chinese phones” most people buy from the street, commonly called g’ongas (fakes).

Battery life: For such a small phone with a low screen resolution and very few applications running, the battery life should last a good day or two, depending on how much you use it. The Nokia 225 has a battery size of 1200 mAh which is good enough for its functions.

Price range: According to FoneArena, it is going for about $71 (approx K 497) but with all the shipping costs involved we should expect it to be slightly higher in Zambia.

Conclusion: It’s good enough to carry out your basic phone needs like calling and texting. It’s also comes with Nokia Xpress so you can browse your favorite pages. It is not WiFi enabled so you have to depend on internet data bundles to browse. So should you get it? Maybe for your kids, when you’ve lost your phone, or for elderly people who still have some interest in basic social media like Facebook. If you are a very corporate person, this will not be very suitable as  it can not support all your smartphone needs but in the end the choice really is yours.

Image Credits: Xcite Fun, GSM Arena


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