The truth about the MTN 100% data bonus promotion

So we all like free things – well, not so free if you paid for something like data – so I was excited to receive a 100% bonus on my 20GB topup.

Elated is an understatement.

Then I saw the catch.

The end of the text message that delivered this awesome news said I only had an hour to use it. All 20GB of my bonus data. I went into data usage panic. What large files should I download? Who should I WhatsApp call? What new apps should I get?

The ridiculousness of this validity period for the gifted data prompt me to ask MTN Zambia on Twitter why they made it so short and I got this response:

Are you serious???? I had to ask:

with MTN Zambia adding on that one could use the bonus data to ‘update a device’. WTF! No really, you could update your WTF apps – WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter…

Someone had to ask this very logical question:

Ofcourse my Twitter folk agreed with how silly the length of time for that much data really is:

who they responded to with

and then the criticism continues:

If MTN wants to give people a little extra time before they start using their actual data bundle, how’s about a day or two? Hell, even a few days for the larger bundles, but no, 1 hour was the perfect timing it seems.

Techtrends is waiting on an official response from MTN Zambia on this reasoning, and by official I mean the CEO Charles Molapisi’s response as an email was directly sent to him. There’s also a Facebook Live chat tomorrow with Mr Molapisi focusing on #DataThatWorks (even if for only 60 minutes). I’ll ask this question again if there’s no response by tomorrow morning.


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3 thoughts on “The truth about the MTN 100% data bonus promotion

  • I got 250MB extra and couldn’t even finish THAT in an hour… the implication is drop everything for the next hour, your bundles NEED YOU!

  • Beats me, you are given 100% extra on top of your bundle purchase and you complain? Yes there’s a time cap but this is FREE!!!! You are not even paying for it. Go to a filling station and ask for extra fuel for an hour and see how that works out for you….

    • joniermabele731

      I dont think you are being serious my friend

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