Zamtel’s Real Mahala now on Landlines


The landline is now a device you will most likely find in an office rather than a  home these days. It seem like almost an eon ago when we’d sneak around the house to use the phone to make calls to our friends late at night. Well, seem like those days may have just hit the rewind button with Zamtel’s Real Mahala deal now on landlines.

There are 3 plans on this tariff; All Night, Daily 60 and Home Ultimate.

Zamtel All night: You pay K50 and you will e able to make free calls all night between 6 pm till 6 am the next morning.

Zamtel Daily 60: You pay K100 and get 60 minutes to use during the day between 6 am till 6pm on other Zamtel lines only, and then you can call for free at night from 6 pm to 6am to only Zamtel lines.

Zamtel Home Ultimate: You pay K120 and get 120 minutes free calling time from 6 am to 6pm to other Zamtel, you can call all night from 6pm till 6am, and then free weekend calling all weekend from Friday to Monday.


Apart from this wanting to make me want to get a landline and call all my friends with Zamtel landlines or SIM cards, I just realised the best part of this promotion is late at night when I’m fast asleep.

Then I felt for all those employers with employees notorious for making unnecessary phone calls. That will take a lot of discipling to curb but atleast the rates are reasonable. Just incase though, you might want to consider installing CCTV.

Then there’s the network congestion even at night for those who will stay up to use the phone. I highly expect calls to cut due to these reasons here.

Happy calling!

Image Credit: Design Drizzle 


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