The biggest eCommerce trends in 2019

There has been a huge shift to people buying stuff online. the convenience of it all is not to be underestimated as lives get busier and traffic jams increase.

I’ve noticed some trends with eCommerce that are changing the way we access goods/services in Zambia. There are also some that may happen by the end of the year. Here they are:

More personalization

eCommerce will not give you much person-to-person interaction like you do when you walk into a store and have someone following you around the store asking how they can help you, but it does learn very quickly, thanks to AI, what interests you have. this is why you’ll see online stores with recommended products for you based on your shopping habits or search history to give you the best possible experience on their site.

More Chatbots

May online shopping platforms are taking advantage of placing chatbots on the site so customers can feel like they’re talking to ‘someone’ on the site. Chatbots have been programmed to assist with questions that are frequently asked by online shoppers. Some have even be programmed to do extra work as virtual assistants, helping one navigate a site easily through word commands in chat box. they have taken over traditional strategies like email marketing, as shared by ChatThoughts;

Source: ChatThoughts

Product Visualization

Many online shoppers were skeptical about the things they saw online because they could not touch or taste it, but with added effort like 3D imaging, reviews and free sample options, there is no excuse not to buy off an online store.

Increased Payment Options

Wth more payment options like mobile money existing for everything else, this has shifted to the online space with eRetailers offering more. Zambia has largely been a cash society and eCommerce had to opt for ‘cash on delivery’ as the main option. Now there are more mobile wallets being offered as an option. Other platforms like Tigmoo even offer swipe on delivery, where you swipe for payments with your credit card as your purchase is being delivered.

Are you a frequent online shopper? What would make that experience even better? Let me knnow below.


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