Ulendo Taxi rides on ZamPay’s digital wave

Zamtel has signed a partnership with fast growing ride hailing firm Ulendo Taxi for the deployment of ZamPay, a mobile payment platform.

Following this partnership, the over 20,000 Ulendo customers will now have a payment option that is quick and seamless thereby significantly improving customer experience.

All the 6,000 Ulendo taxis will be fitted with ZamPay which will enable drivers to automatically charge customers by making contactless transactions through QR codes.

Zamtel Head of Corporate and Government Affairs Mr. Reuben Kamanga signed the partnership with Ulendo Taxi Chief Executive Officer Mr. Haggai Mandefu at a media event at Zamtel House in Lusaka.

Zamtel Head of Corporate Affairs and Government Relations Reuben Kamanga speaking during the launch of the partnership with Ulendo Taxi Ltd

Mr. Kamanga said the partnership with Ulendo Taxi underscores Zamtel’s commitment to the development of a cashless society and the enhancement of the mobile wallet experience for consumers across the country.

He said the onboarding of Ulendo Taxi will increase customer choice and offer a world class safe and secure payment experience for riders.

Mr Kamanga said the use of digital payment platforms such as ZamPay is critical in reducing the cost of doing business and eliminate cash handling risks for taxi drivers.

He further stated that embracing digital payment solutions like ZamPay will fast-track Government’s efforts towards achieving a cashless culture and economy.

“All transactions are encrypted and ZamPay QR code allows taxi businesses to benefit from top security technology. Further, carrying cash can be dangerous for the driver, as it increases the risk of theft, using ZamPay significantly minimizes that risk,” Mr Kamanga said. “The payment process is significantly faster when using ZamPay as payments through QR codes are processed immediately, in real-time. This is a huge advantage compared to the time it takes to exchange cash. Increased speed means drivers can spend more time picking up customers and less time processing payments or counting change at the end of a journey. This means they can have more time to service more customers, and of course, this streamlined payment process also increases customer satisfaction.”

And Ulendo Taxi Zambia Chief Executive Officer Mr. Haggai Mandefu commended Zamtel for the partnership saying it will significantly boast traffic as more customers on Ulendo will have payment options.

Ulendo Chief Executive Officer Haggai Mandefu speaking during the launch of the partnership

He said the partnership enables Ulendo to provide optimal customer service and demonstrates the firm’s commitment to embracing new payment platforms.

“Not only is this more convenient than cash, but payment options such as ZamPay will cater to the payment preferences of a wider range of our customers and this improves customer convenience in situations where the driver may not have change,” Mr Mandefu said.

Source: Zamtel


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