Airtel staff donate blood to commemorate World Blood Donation Day

To commemorate World Blood Donation day which falls on June 14th every year, Airtel employees led by Managing Director Mr Apoorva Mehrotra donated blood in an effort to help save lives.

In partnership with the Zambia National Blood Transfusion Service (ZNBTS), 26 members of staff volunteered to donate blood which translated to providing blood for 100 children.

Airtel Managing Director, Mr Mehrotra said the donation of blood was a noble cause which everyone who was capable of donating needed to do so in order to help save lives.

“We cannot always think about business, we have many women who have complications of pregnancy, as well as children with severe anaemia often resulting from malaria or malnutrition, so it is our duty as a citizen to help where we can,” Mehrotra said. “The number 3 Sustainable Development Goal clearly states how we are all to ensure that we promote healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. The fact is we cannot have a great workforce if people are unwell. Airtel is big on supporting girl and women health projects and we know that hospitals and clinics are always short of clean and safe blood, and the onus is on us to help save mothers in childbirth as well as other people who go to the health facilities for other emergencies.”

The Blood Transfusion Services Manager Dia Kumwenda thanked Airtel for being all weather friends that they could always rely on, saying blood was never enough and that the more people donated, the better for the blood bank so as it could have reserves for emergencies.

Airtel Head of Revenue Assurance Mr Ibrahim Abdalla who also donated blood said he was happy to be of assistance in saving lives especially the children and encouraged other people to do the same.

Source: Airtel Zambia