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Zamtel wants you to use its SIMs and ZamPay

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba ready to pay for his shopping using ZamPay during the launch of the product at Spar Arcades

Communications and Transport Minister Brian Mushimba has made a passionate appeal to all Zambians to start using Zamtel SIM cards for their voice calls and internet.

Mr Mushimba said this will be a great way of demonstrating support towards the transformation that is currently taking place at Zamtel.

Mr Mushimba noted that Government through Zamtel is making huge investments such as the construction of 1009 communication towers across the country at a cost of US$280 million.

He said the members of the public should play their role by making Zamtel SIM cards the primary card for calls and internet. Mr Mushimba said Zamtel is currently positioning itself to play a central role in the country’s digital transformation journey hence the need for public support. He was speaking last Tuesday when he officially launched ZamPay, a new electronic payment solution which uses a Quick Response(QR) code installed on the mobile phone device.

He jokingly suggested that it should be made a crime for any adult Zambian not to own a Zamtel SIM card.

Mr Mushimba said the launch of ZamPay is a big deal as it will significantly contribute to the creation of a cashless society in Zambia.

“[…] I have successfully launched ZamPay, a new way to support a cashless society, developed in-house by Zamtel. I actually was the first to use the platform and bought some groceries from SPAR supermarket using the platform (app downloaded onto my Zamtel line and scanned the bar code at the cash register in spar and boom, I paid for the groceries). Technology amazes me every day and we must evolve with it or we will be left behind,” Mr Mushimba further stated.

 “I made an appeal that we support Zamtel, our own baby as Zambians, by embracing their products and using Zamtel SIM cards as our primary cards for phone calls and internet. It will make a difference,” he said.

And Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta stated that his firm has embarked on a transformational journey towards digitization and will be coming up with innovative products and services which are relevant to the lives of the customer.

“As Zamtel we recognize the fact that our customers today have become extremely busy and require products which are “On the Go!” yet are safe and secure. Just last month, we announced the launch of our 4G network on mobile on the Copperbelt which has resulted in our customers enjoying faster internet speeds.The launch of ZamPay today is yet another response to our customers for a need to have a seamless payment solution which addresses their busy lifestyles,” Mr Mupeta said.

He added, “a number of business houses in our country today, large and small, have grappled with the problem of cash related risk exposure mainly through thefts. ZamPay will eliminate the risk of handling sums of cash and will bring about efficiencies in the cost of running business. The need to spend money for ‘Cash in Transit’ security services will become a thing of the past.”

Source: Zamtel