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We are conducting a poll on which internet service provider (ISP) ranks best across 4 criterial; performance, reliability, service and value for money. The idea for the poll stemmed from a discussion we had with one of our readers about which ISP TechTrends would recommend.

The polls below are strictly for ISPs. Internet Service Providers are companies whose license prevents them from providing a mobile or a voice service. ISPs have been the mainstay for fixed home and business connections across the country.

We would love to hear your thoughts through your vote on each ISP and we know being in Zambia you may have even tried them all! Feel free to vote for every ISP you have used.

The ISPs in the poll are; Coppernet Solutions, Hai Telecoms, iConnect Zambia, Liquid Telecoms, Microlink Technologies, Paratus Telecoms,  Zamnet and Zamtel.

Coppernet Solutions Zambia

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Hai Telecommunications (Realtime)

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iConnect Zambia

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Liquid Telecommunications

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Microlink Technologies

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Paratus Telecom

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6 thoughts on “Rate Your ISP

  • Heather Young

    At the office we use both Zamnet and Zamtel. We pay for the higher connectivity on both. Zamnet is the one we send emails through and occasionally search the web, but considering we pay for higher connectivity it is extremely slow. Zamtel (via ADSL) is a much faster connection and makes using the internet easy. We have requested fiber optic from Zamtel, but nothing has happened yet.

  • Brian Chirwa

    generally all ISP have a lot to do in order to have value for money, Technical support and all. Right now its been three months a certain ISP cannot properly align my Radio at home. In Zambia Customer support is poor. Even when you send an inquiry to get feedback will take ages. Its a good thing you are rating the ISP’s and i hope you can get back to them and tell them this is what customers think. Most ISP’s will tell you they will be giving you certain speeds but one has to be monitoring so that you get to see if you are getting the speeds you paid for.

  • Residential user here. I am very happy with my Zamtel connection. Since its unlimited it offers the best value by far in my opinion.

  • Daniel Sampa

    It’s quite unfortunate that most of us get a little reluctant where we need to give merit or excellence. We would rather announce to everyone only when we have to complain or something has gone wrong.

    Getting to my point, we tried out a number of Internet Service Providers at our office and I wont bore you with the endless frustrations that came along.

    I will however, give merit and applause to our current internet provider (Microlink Technology Ltd)

    These guys have proven to have their own way of serving their clientele. It’s not everyday you’ll have technical support only a phone call away…and before you know it, they’re at your premises!

    Customer care available 24/7, sometimes even calling you to check how the link is.
    You wont find them doing a lot of advertising because their work speaks for itself and I’m more than certain that these guys have an immaculate future ahead.
    I wish I could reach out to the entire staff at Microlink and just ask them to keep up with the good work.


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