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Cybrary.IT has a new cyber security job portal


Many job seekers in the technology field, cyber security, to be specific, fail to find jobs because these are not readily advertised or are so far buried in other job descriptions. Enter Cybrary, who have come up with a platform that reduces the job-hunting stress on its new job portal here. Users can sign up and employers can post jobs and job-seekers can look for jobs anywhere in the world.  There are no Zambian jobs available at the moment because no employers have put up posts yet.

This is what the search page looks like:


You can choose whether you want a full-time/part-time/freelance emploee or job.

Cybrary.IT also understands that these jobs require experienced people, and with the levels at which technology is evolving, a community is needed that can catch up with the trends, and learning skills for this is vital. They have a learning centre online where  anyone, experienced in IT or not, can get access to free cyber security classes.

Users can select what courses they want from the course catalog (shown below) ranging from beginner to advanced levels.


It’s belief as stated on its website, is that Cybrary.IT believes IT and cyber security training should be free for everyone, forever. They want to provide an opportunity for anyone anywhere, as the world is ‘essentially forced to use internet enabled devices’ .

They also offer free cyber security training to help people protect themselves from cyber threats that are on the rise in the online realm.

The site allows learners to participate in groups, forums, speak to subject matter experts, meet other Cybrary.IT members, and invite other people to join.

Cybrary.IT also has resources like certificates of completion for learners who finish their courses learner paths to provide learners with career guidance when exploring job options, and course badges to show a user completed a subject on the site and has mastered it well.

Examples of Cybrary.IT course badges
Examples of Cybrary.IT course badges

The badges are donation based and will cost users 15 cybytes (Cybrary.IT’s virtual currency). However, free cybytes can be earned when users share the site on social media, email invites to friends, or if they post in groups and forums within the site. Find out more here.

Users also have access to live classrooms where they can learn online in real-time with IT professionals, and also take part in practice labs that give access to real hardware. It cuts down the need for users to spend money on acquiring their own hardware, and still get enough practice in a safe environment. Cybrary.IT has access to the latest CISCO, Microsoft, VMware and CompTIA hardware.

Source: Cybrary.IT

Cybrary.IT also offers business training in security awareness and enterprise cyber security for firms and their employees.

I think it’s a very resourceful tool, and the fact that it’s free is a bonus for many who want to learn about cyber security but can’t afford tuition fees. For those who can, please make donations in cybytes to Cybrary.IT,  to enable them continue to source more content for their courses so that others may benefit from it. Check out the site here.


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