ICT4D: Tapping the Potential of ICTs for Increased Gender Equality

ICT4D- Tapping the Potential of ICTs for

Today at 3pm the Embassy of Sweden hosts ICT4D (Information Communications Technology For Development) Meet-up at the Lusaka National Museum, which will be “a discussion how the (largely untapped) potential of ICTs as a tool to support greater gender equality, challenge existing gender roles and norms, and empower women socially and economically can be harnessed in the Zambian context.

The goal is to highlight gender issues that arise in the synergies between development and ICTs, and discuss practical ways of how different stakeholders can better address these issues.

The event hopes to hear from a wide range of voices with different perspectives on why gender is crucial to consider in any development and ICT discussion, how the situation actually looks in Zambia and what challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

As gender is a key issues in ICT4D, that often does not get the attention that it deserves, this MeetUp will be slightly differently organised with more focus on participation and finding practical ways for different stakeholders to practically address ICT & Gender related issues.”

It’s a very interesting topic of discussion seeing as there have been many complaints about gender equality worldwide in various industries. It’s great to see the issue is also being addressed in Zambia with specific reference to the ICTs sector.

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