Rent out your space and make money with Airbnb (Zambia inclusive)


For the traveller there is nothing like knowing where you’ll lay your head at night, and businesses like Airbnb make it easier to find the place you’d like online or from a mobile device.

Airbnb is a network of home-owners who are willing to let out space to anyone seeking it by posting their property online onto the Airbnb site for members to view.

Payment is done over a secure system that enables hosts receive their payment from guests within 24 hours into their bank accounts.


In Zambia, there are currently 31 listed places for accommodation. Hopefully more do sign up. South Africa is its largest African market with around 9,400 homes up for rent.

Airbnb accommodation listings globally (Image Source: Airbnb)
Airbnb accommodation listings globally (Image Source: Airbnb)

With how hard it is to find accommodation in major cities, especially at short notice, the service is perfect for people who travel at random times. You have options to book an entire place, a private or a shared room.

If you’re looking for  a way to make some extra cash, all you need to do is list your space on Airbnb as a host, and rent out whatever you can.

According to a Bloomberg report, Airbnb is now planning to officially open up in Africa, setting up a presence here. Even though African countries are signed up to Airbnb already,it has had no physical location here. They will open up in South Africa *fakes shocked face* and centre their operations from there as they see a great opportunity in Africa.  In the report, Airbnb says it will also roll out its “host guarantee” in Africa, which reimburses hosts for up to $1 million U.S. dollars if a guest damages their homes.

However, Airbnb also wants to start talking to local governments in areas of operations about the great benefits home sharing to cities.

This is just another way innovation and technology are giving humans more opportunities to get what they need, online.

You can download the Airbnb app on Google Play Store here.


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