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Patadeal, the Mobile Shopping App for East and Southern Africa


Life is basically always about buying or selling, regardless of the nature of a product, and app developers know this so they are using technology help businesses change the way we buy, sell or even view goods.

Here is where Patadeal comes in, a simple app with a size of less than 2MB, comes with 3 language options; English, Kiswahili and French, that revolutionizes how we compare the prices of goods and services before we buy them. You can get the app here.


What Patadeal allows you to do if you’re a business man/woman is to upload your goods/services and their prices so that customers can view them and decide if that’s the best price for them.

All you need to do to sign up for Patadeal if you’re a business owner is your cellphone number. You will then have to enter your location of your business, choose the category of the goods/services you’re selling, enter their prices, and you’re good to go.


If you’re a customer, all you have to do to be a part is enter your cell number, choose your location and browse through the categories, comparing prices of what you want to buy. It saves you time, seeing as you would normally go from shop to shop looking at prices, or visiting different websites at once. Patadeal brings together all sellers and buyers to come together as a mobile marketing platform.


According to the Patadeal website, the advantages of using the app are that you:

  • ┬áDon’t waste time in traffic oing from shop to shop
  • Shop from the comfort of your sofa
  • Find the best price in town
  • Check product availability
  • Can see what fellow Patadealers are searching
  • Use either the Android application or the website
  • Have access to the smarter way to shop

Patadeal was originally started in Tanzania but has now spread to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda,Mozambique, Zimbabwe and finally Zambia.

Could this be the rival for business that use mobile phones as a “market” whether by the use of apps or social media pages e.g Ama Sampo? We’ll find out soon enough if Patadeal also becomes known in Zambia.

I reviewed the app and unfortunately did not find any Zambian businesses who had registered their products/services yet so I’m urging you to try it now that you know such an app exists.Tell your fellow business owners too. It could just boost your sales and increase your client base.

Picture Credit: Patadeal


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