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Local App Friday: The Total app

total app

Seeing as Zambia has had enough #PetrolWatch queries on where to find gas, the Total app should help you find its nearest stop.

What does the Total app do? 

It will hep you find the nearest Total filling station nearest to you with the use of Google Maps:

Please don’t follow me to work…

It will show you the distance to the station, and what route to use as well. If you’re planning long distances, the Total apps shows you its stations along the way as a form of ‘Route Planner’:


If you like freebies or cheaper offers, the app lets you see what promotions are being given at each station you visit:


Lastly to hep out your fellow drivers about which station has the best practices, you can rate the station you visit on customer care, cleanliness and the products and services in geeneral that are offered:

What doesn’t the app do?

Tell you if the a station has gas or not, which really is what people would need most. Most drivers probably know where stations are by heart (an assumption – don’t argue), but need to know if the drive to a Northmead based gas station is worth it, or wait in line at a competitor’s gas station at Arcades Shopping Mall.

If you’re ever driving in another country, the Total app has its gas stations mapped for most parts of Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific and America as well.

Download the app for Android and iOS here and here, respectively.


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