iConnect Zambia has new MD

Thami Mazibuko, iConnect new MDHighly places sources inside and on the client side at iConnect, have alerted us that iConnect Zambia has a new MD.

Meet Thami Mazibuko the new MD for the Vodacom-owned ISP who has already arrived and is meeting clients. Previously, he was Executive Head of Enterprise Customer Solutions at Vodacom South Africa, were he has garnered experience to become a seasoned telecoms expert.

For now, we can only speculate as to the impending rebrand to Vodacom or a launch of Vodacom Business brand in Zambia. This will be interesting to see how a new brand entrant will affect the landscape noting that there are already existing players in that space of wholesale, postpaid, prepaid and/or hybrid who have existing product portfolios, clients and a foothold.

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One thought on “iConnect Zambia has new MD

  • I heard from inside sources in iConnect, late last year, that it would be re-branded as Vodacom. Perhaps, they meant Vodafone? There was talk about network upgrade, building their own infrastructure, etc. In light of Vinnie’s article, where he was wondering if the related companies would be competing, it would appear that iConnect will re-brand as Vodafone/Vodacom.

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