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Paratus Zambia Data Center Wins Again

Paratus Zambia’s commitment to maintaining the highest global standards in data center operations has once again been validated through a rigorous international audit. Following this audit, Paratus Zambia is proud to announce the renewal of its ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and PCI DSS certifications, demonstrating unwavering dedication to quality and security.

These re-certifications involve a comprehensive evaluation of data center processes, practices, and controls, including on-site inspections, audits, security tests, and assessments of management commitment. This annual process, conducted by external authorities, underscores Paratus’s proactive stance in addressing evolving threats in the digital landscape.

While maintaining its existing certification standards, Paratus Zambia has also transitioned to a new certification body, DQS, aligning the ISO standards with the broader Paratus Group’s operations. This move emphasizes Paratus Zambia’s commitment to upholding stringent security, quality, and compliance standards while adapting to evolving certification requirements.

Marius van Vuuren, Country Manager at Paratus Zambia, highlighted the significance of these re-certifications: “Our achievement in re-certifying ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and PCI DSS not only reinforces our Data Center’s quality leadership but also instils confidence in our clients, partners, and stakeholders. It reflects our mission to revolutionize Africa’s digital infrastructure and customer service.”

He further emphasized the competitive advantage gained through these certifications, stating, “Re-certification at this level gives us a significant edge in the market, as more corporates prioritize international certification for security and safety when selecting a local data center. Our standards and re-certification status not only assist them in meeting compliance requirements but also inspire confidence in Paratus Zambia’s service offerings and future adaptability.”

In an industry where international giants often dominate, Paratus Zambia’s re-certification solidifies its position as a trusted provider with local expertise, aligning with top international benchmarks and standards.

Paratus Zambia Data Center

ISO certifications are prestigious endorsements from the International Organization for Standardization, signifying adherence to rigorous global standards. ISO 9001 underscores Paratus Zambia’s commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction, while ISO/IEC 27001 certification demonstrates the highest level of information security, ensuring clients’ data remains protected from threats. Moreover, Paratus complies with the Zambian Data Protection Act, reinforcing its commitment to privacy and security.

This achievement reflects Paratus Zambia’s unwavering dedication to delivering excellence in quality and security to its clients and partners.

Source: Paratus

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