Celebrating #GirlsInICT: Eneless Banda

Celebrating #GirlsInICT: Eneless Banda

She is studying Information and Technology at Mulungushi University, Zambia and she believes that:

“Technology is moving at a faster rate, every day life requires the use of technology. When we look at Zambia most people that studied or studying ICT-related programs are male simply because ladies feel it’s a career that only men can do. To make it possible for girls to participate fully in their family and communities and at broader levels requires a shift in thinking: social behaviours and attitudes need to be changed. Organisations should engage men and boys as allies in this process.

When fathers and male peers are aware, engaged and supportive of girls’ development and their rights, they play a very strong role in changing broader norms and perceptions.

Zambian government and female role models can also help change mentalities. Having a device or new technology in their possession can increase the status and strength of girls and women as role models and enable them to carry out different and important roles in the community.”


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  • This is great. To see females in the frontier.
    We are with you

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