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The iOS application development trends that will remain in the limelight for 2018 

By Anoop Nain, Digital Expert.

The mobile apps are becoming a necessity and no longer an optional investment for the various organizations. As per a report from Statista, the number of app downloads in 2017 was 197 billion. By 2021, the number of app downloads will jump to a whopping 352 billion. So, it is needless to say that the mobile app development marketplace is one of the actively growing sectors.

Apple has launched its new operating system iOS 11.3 in 2018. The company has come out with this improved version, with added features and functionalities. Moreover, if we believe in stats then there are 2.2 million iOS apps in the App Store in 2017. Apple has paid a total of 86 billion US Dollars to iOS developers in 2018.

This is the reason why it becomes imperative for us to follow the iOS application development trends in 2018. But, before we consider these application development trends in 2018, we must have one thing in our mind with regards to Apple. This is that Apple follows stringent rules on app updates or changes to showcase the apps in the App Store.

The number of Android apps are higher in number in comparison with the iOS apps but when we speak about more revenue generation for business and higher ROI, then people have a tendency to opt for the iOS apps. Let is now delve into the latest trends on iOS application development:

Introduction to Swift 4

Apple offers a powerful programming language, Swift, known for its scalability and robust security. It is supportive of iOS and Linux operating system. Swift 4 is an advanced version of what was earlier called as Swift 3. The developers prefer to use this programming language because it has the ability to precompile for macOS and tvOS respectively. Moreover, it makes development of applications much simpler, without much consumption of device memory.

Artificial Intelligence and Siri

Siri is the personal assistant from Apple and is known worldwide. Since, it understands what people speak and search for information, it has brought about an enhanced contextual learning and AI. However, the main objective of Siri is to provide answers to queries. Finally, Siri offers a GPS pin with the on-device Artificial Intelligence (AI) and contextual learning.

Augmented Reality and AR Kit

The virtual elements in Augmented Reality (AR) are placed in the real world and interact with these elements, as if already present. Apple announced its ARKit in June 2017. The ARKit is useful in creating Virtual Reality and 3D-based mobile applications. The AR application development becomes simpler as ARKit has the ability to hide complexities while developing.

User-friendly Apple Pay

Apple has its own digital online mobile wallet called Apple Pay, just as Google has its own Google Wallet. It is supportive of the entire range of iOS devices such as iOS watches, iPhone, Mac laptops and iPad. The user can make apps easily and securely by using Apple Pay. There is a hike of 500% of transactions and invoices accepted by 2 million small businesses while using Apple Pay. It has many benefits to offer. The most unique among the benefits is sending and receiving money through messages. It helps in booking flight tickets and hotel reservations. The debit and credit card numbers are never stored in the Apple server or shared with merchants. This ensures the security of the card details.

Apple HomeKit

This is an innovative product from Apple that serves the purpose of home automation. It creates apps and accessories for the home. You can make Siri as the commander and the iOS devices will interact with each other. It is possible for the users to control the connected devices and communicate with them. The devices are controlled by creating actions as Homekit acts as a
framework for configuration of accessories. There are companies which create actions and groups together and get them triggered through Siri. Smart-home products can collaborate with each other using this technology in a user-friendly and secure manner.

Core Machine Learning

The machine learning framework launched by Apple is core machine learning (Core ML). It is effective for Quicktype, Siri and Camera. There are advantages for using this framework to build highly interactive apps. The developers can add some features to enhance the security of the apps. Core ML has a robust library and has a level of communication applicable for all the iOS devices. It is capable of understanding the language, detection of faces and developing the AI-based games.


I’ll conclude to say that the App Store does not have much options for free apps but 2018 will find a trend on availability of the free game-based apps. The iOS app development space is showing signs of changes more with the advent of iOS 11 and 11.3. This is the reason why iOS app developers need to gather enough knowledge on the updates on iOS app development.