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Huawei’s Galileo Hall offers insights into 5G innovation

Cutting-edge Technology is such a marvel and with it, almost everything seems to be easily achievable. Technology brings us to places and the people that are far away.

Recently, over 27 media houses from the Sub-Saharan Africa attended a Huawei virtual Exhibition that offered rare insights into 5G innovation.

The exhibition which was hosted by the Galileo Hall, Huawei’s top exhibition hall covered almost everything about 5G and its use to accelerate social and industrial development. It was the first time the Southern African media houses were virtually visiting the Galileo Hall.

During the Exhibition, the media marveled at how China is making use of 5G capabilities to fast-track its social and economic development. Huawei already predicts that with the help of 5G, industries are going digital at a faster pace and that partners and customers could be helped to unleash the potential of 5G. 

Speaking from Zambia, Huawei Director of Public Relations Hechen He said Huawei has always been delighted to showcase its cutting-edge technology and demonstrate how it can benefit aspiring smart nations like Zambia.

He said Huawei looks forward to see the media profiling more of ICT innovations that are turning around so many things in a positive way across the nations, and that 5G is among them.

However, most research reveals that Africa still lags behind in rolling out the 5G network, but it doesn’t need to and policy makers have a huge role to play in ensuring that an enabling environment is created for the development of 5G.

Inspired by Galileo’s pioneering achievements in science and technology, Huawei has named its spanking new 5G exhibition area the Huawei Galileo Hall, which is being used to showcase three key features of what makes a 5G network: large bandwidth, low latency and massive connections.

Source: Huawei Zambia

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