BongoHive Insaka 101

BongoHive Premises
BongoHive Premises

This is our take on the BongoHive Insaka. It’s amazing! The reason why it’s remarkable is because it was born, breathes and lives innovation. This is true to the description of BongoHive which is said to embody three key words: innovation, creativity and sustainability.

I attended my first BongoHive Insaka last night and I have to say that I was left with a definite feeling of inspiration. I have been inspired to pursue my passion, to look for it and find it if I have not yet nailed it. Although, before I go any further let me first define Insaka. It literally means a hut where people meet in Zambian vernacular. However, the term has recently been popularised, moving away from traditional meaning, to encompass various meetings of various groups especially unconventional ones. Insaka usually refers to those meetings where you are allowed to be yourself and speak freely.

Therefore, the BongoHive Insaka is a meeting place to discuss innovation and hopefully breed it. Unfortunately, the BongoHive website doesn’t provide much information on what their events are all about or why they even have them. There is just a calendar to show when what is happening. It’s not easy to get a general perception of what the events entail unless you go into each and every single one of them on the calendar. You can also get details of the events from the Facebook page and Twitter Timeline(if that’s a thing yet). I guess it’s left up to the curious person to attend the event, where the aspect of the what and the why are tackled, in order to discover what the event is all about.

So, it turns out that BongoHive invites different guest speakers to address an audience at the Insaka events. The featured guests must be interesting and be making a difference in Zambia or the world. The focus is also on those who have demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit in their work. This is in order to inspire future entrepreneurs or just people generally.

In a nutshell, BongoHive Insaka is there to help you in your personal development journey with three key values in mind: innovation, creativity, and sustainability.

Image credit: Mashable