Social Media

Chop! Chop! Social Media Work Out for the Busy Executive.

CHop chop

Busy? Don’t have a meaningful social media footprint? Well, don’t despair we have the right social media exercise regime to get you up and going. Too often, I have heard senior executives moan that they don’t do social media, because they don’t have time, or better still they don’t know how to. Take 15 minutes everyday and make this your daily routine to build an electronic signature using micro content that will make you not only respected, but social media fit. This is how we do it;

3 minutes Twitter Warm Up. Tweet at 3 different times of the day on 3 different subjects, 3 times per session. Exactly what the doctor ordered, right? Twitter is the ultimate micro content networking site that hasn’t yet caught on well in Zambia. Here is why, it is highly dependent on you having an audience following you or you following them. To overcome this hurdle and build an audience rapidly do the following, when you read something, tweet it. If somebody else has put something of interest, retweet it. Cultivate a habit of sharing. You will be surprised how viral and contagious this can get. Build a habit of sharing even if it means tweeting a newspaper story you liked in the morning papers, share and share alike. Now that you’re warm, lets step it up a little

5 minutes LinkedIn work out. Did you know that there are over 750 000 groups on LinkedIn making it a haven of Micro content. Not only are there daily and regular posts, it is also a treasure trove of insightful business learning’s. Join several groups which are of interest to your industry. Look through the forums and participate. Simply like, comment and answer at least 3 articles, don’t spend more than a minute on each. The result, you get new contacts, new websites, new perspectives on similar or related issues. Best of all the habit is contagious, so limit yourself. Try Pulse on LinkedIn and enjoy the meaningful pointers and stimulants therein. You’re hot now, time to mix it up and cool down.

 7 minutes Slideshare cool down. Did you know that Slideshare is the world’s largest social network?! Yes, it has over 60 million visitors and 3 billion page views per month! Better still it is one of the TOP 200 websites in the world. Every executive has a PowerPoint (PPT) or Pages presentation. Upload yours and get comments and feedback. Read others’ that are being featured. Download and share content with your subordinates and peers. There is always something great to talk about daily. Besides, you can follow your favourite contributors and get to see their new posts and their comments. Interestingly enough, is that Slideshare is highly indexed by search engines. If you’ve uploaded good stuff on Slideshare and participate regularly, the chances are that your name will appear more often than not in a job search. This is a great personal marketing tool, they even have tutorials to show you how. Encouragingly, you get great tips from the best in the presentation tradecraft and sharpen your skills. Spice up your Slideshare with videos. Of course you have a smartphone. Simply record, upload and embed no need for software or anything fancy. Just remember to hold your phone landscape wise when recording. Go on, try it! Even the most boring companies and executives have a story to tell.

Now that you have done your social media work out to start the day here are some helpful tips. Micro content packs a big wallop! The more micro, the sharper the content, the bigger the BANG! The greater the audience! Share! Information is like manure, it is no good if you don’t spread it around! We all have minds and bodies of different shapes and sizes. Choose what works for you.

Image credit: Local Search Group