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A new bug on WhatsApp Web could affect over 200 million users


Popular messaging application WhatsApp had rolled out WhatsApp Web, a mobile app that allows users to access their accounts from their desktops on Chrome.

A new bug unfortunately in WhatsApp Web has been confirmed by security giant Check Point which could lead to users being attacked by hackers sending malware to users, and what is is called ransomware, where hackers demand a ransom to give data back to the owners.

According to Check Point, ‘all an attacker needed to do to exploit the vulnerability was to send a user a seemingly innocent vCard containing malicious code. Once opened, the alleged contact is revealed to be an executable file, further compromising computers by distributing bots, ransomware, RATs, and other malware. To target an individual, all an attacker needs is the phone number associated with the account’.

WhatsApp has since issued a fix for this bug so all you need to do right now is update your WhatsApp app on your phone that you sync with the Web app to avoid this situation.


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