Airtel Money To Cross Borders in East Africa, Zambia soon too


We all know Mobile Money is a thing these days but telecoms companies are doing all they can to improve its popularity beyond borders, literally.

Airtel in East Africa is on a mission to make payments/transfers possible to other subscribers on the Airtel network with an Airtel Money account in other countries.

On November 1st, this move will go active first in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda as its pilot phase, and will be expected to roll out in other countries including Zambia where Airtel operates. The Central Banks in those countries have approved the move so it’s with time that ours does too, hopefully.

Talk about breaking barriers! To trade though.

Airtel country coverage including partner countries
Airtel country coverage including partner countries

The inter-country transfer will really be of great help to business especially those that make payments regularly. All they will need is an active Airtel SIM, money in their account and payments will be done in minutes. The convenience levels are high here.

This project will be much better if Airtel Money is linked to other financial account types like bank accounts so that the transactions can not only be limited to Airtel susbcribers but can also be done between a bank account and an Airtel Money account, just like normal cross bank account transfers work.

For now we wait…

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