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Everything launched at the Apple Event – 9th September


Apple Watch: Apple Watch Sport will support more health apps and Facebook Messenger. It will also have iTranslate so you can speak into it and have that translated to text or voice in over 90 languages. Prices start from $349.

iPad Pro colours (Source: Apple)
iPad Pro colours (Source: Apple)

iPad Pro: The new iPad Pro screen is massive at 12.9 inches! The screen display is 5.6 million pixels. Word and Excel from Microsoft just made it to the iOS platform and will be available on the Pro. Adobe Photoshop Fix has been included. The  32GB WiFi model will retail at $799 and the 128GB WiFi and Cellular model at $1079.

iPad Pro
iPad Pro

There’s also a stylus you can buy for your Pro called the Apple Pencil, which will cost you $99. You can charge it by slipping off its cover and plugging it into your Pro.

pencil Apple also created a keyboard that will cost $169:


The iPad Pro itself will be $799 when sales start in December 2015. Other features are its 10 hr battery, up to 150 mbps LTE, and a 3rd-gen 64-bit A9X chip.

iPad Mini 4
iPad Mini 4

iPad Mini 4: It has the same power as the iPad Air with its 64-bit A8 chip, just in a Mini body. Its 18% thinner than the last Mini at 6.1mm. It has  both front and rear HD cameras. The home button has Touch ID with a fingerprint sensor to detect yours as a password option. Prices start from $399.

Apple TV: Apple TV, was referred to at the event as ‘the future of TV’, with all its app capabilities. Digital assistant Siri will work on Apple TV, allowing you to choose channels, replay up to 15 seconds of a video you’re watching. The remote controller can also be used for gaming. Apple TV comes with a modern OS specific to it called tvOS which is based on the original iOS, developer tools,  and access to the App Store. However, it has a lot of services/apps still not available in Zambia at the moment so we can’t get the full experience of such a device here. If you want it you can get it from $149 soon.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus: These were released with storage starting at 16GB, with 3D Touch for cross navigating apps, and an “emergency selfie” feature for its camera. They have 3D Touch, a haptic sensore feature, which allows you take action on various apps without opening them by subjecting the screen to various pressures with your fingers. iPhone 6s devices have 4K video mode which is the highest resolution for visuals at the moment.

There is a FaceTime camera on the iPhone 6s devices, a 5 megapixels HD snapper. The iPhone 6s screen can be used as a flash for the 5MP front camera when taking pics. iPhone 6s shooting modes includes “short picture clips with sound” if you want. (Erm, that’s just GIFS with sound, Apple!). The iPhone 6s rear camera is 12MP with and option to add frame to image (*coughs* PhotoGrid *coughs again*).

The iPhone 6s will sell from $649, and iPhone 6s Plus from $749 for the 16GB models starting on the 29th of September.  We’re just worried about the performance of 4K video shooting and Live Photos on the (very little) space on its 16GB base models.

iOS 9

iOS 9: The latest New iOS 9 update will be released on September 16th to everyone. Prepare your data bundles. Read more on iOS 9 features to expect here.


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