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iSchool Zambia’s Teacher 4 Month ZEduPad Credit Scheme


The ZEduPad is the latest tech innovation from iSchool Zambia and it’s a tablet that teachers and pupils in schools can use as a learning tool. It currently comes with WiFi capabilities but there is hope for an upgrade to 3G and 4G connectivity,according to Ms Duniya Mupeso, Business Development Manager at iSchool Zambia Ltd. There are also plans to ensure that the ZEduPad can be used anywhere regardless of geographical location.

Last month, the Basic Education Teachers Union of Zambia signed a Memorandum of Understanding with iSchool Zambia that allowed teachers anywhere in Zambia to access a Teacher’s Edition ZEduPad and only pay over a period of 4 months, with no interest at all.

The best thing about the ZEduPad is probably the fact that it has a solar charging facility so it’s useful in rural areas where electricity may not be present. No need to worry about the battery dying on you.

The Teacher’s Edition of the ZEduPad also comes with learning tools which are constantly being upgraded by iSchool Zambia with help from Zambian teachers themselves to ensure a more effective learning experience for both teachers and pupils.

According to ZEduPad.com, “The ZEduPad is packed with primary school lessons for Grade 1-7, including early grades in eight local languages, and has many other apps for education, farming and health. Thousands of lessons all with multi-media sound and graphics covering the entire Zambian school syllabus (and lesson plans for teachers), homework, fun and interactive educational apps and child-friendly, safe browsing”.

The eLearning initiative has been warmly received especially in areas where it’s hard to find resources such as textbooks so this should help them still stay in touch with any educational advances happening in the Zambian curriculum.

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