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iOS 9 release date announcement expected today


Well, Apple lovers, take a bite of this: the date of release of its latest operating system iOS 9, is expected to be announced at the Apple event taking place tonight, where we’re also expecting the launch of its latest iDevice, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

We might be seeing the release of an Apple TV kit, a new iPad Pro and Mini 4.

The iOS 9 update may not be released today, however. In the past few years, Apple has first been releasing it to developers and then rolling it out to the rest of the world about a week later so expect to have an update around the 17th of September at the most.

iOS 9 screenshot

With the new iOS 9 here’s what you can expect:

  • Siri is expected to become a more intelligent digital assistant, with enhanced search capabilities across a wide range of applications.
  • Force touch will be an added feature that
  • The update will be available for  many of Apple’s iDevices so you can sync data across them.
  • Expect improved battery life as performance becomes more efficient, with a new Low Power mode included.
  • Updates for the OS are expected to be smaller as well so you don’t have to free up too much space for them.
  • Security has also been increased, there will now be a 6-digit code for passwords, unlike the previous 4. There will also be 2-factor authentication to access most applications.
  • There is an Android migration application called Move to iOS that allows you to move files from your Android device to your iPhone.

Apart from its latest devices which will be launched this year, Apple confirmed on its website iOS 9 will be compatible with these older versions below:


You can read more on what features will be in the new iOS 9 here.


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