Airtel Zambia launches Airtel TV

Airtel Networks Zambia Plc has redefined video streaming experience for its subscribers by launching Airtel TV. Speaking at the launch today, Airtel’s Marketing Director Hussam Baday said Airtel was committed to continue bringing innovative products and services and the new Airtel TV App enabled customers to enjoy news on the go as well as other programming such as movies, music, reality shows, children’s’ shows as well as documentaries which include BBC, Hollywood, Bollywood, and Nollywood channels.

“We are pleased to bring to you a one stop platform which will bring to you over 30 live channels and over 800 videos on demand with the number expected to increase in the course of the year as we add more edutainment channels to cater for all our customers’ preferences,” Baday announced.

Guest of Honour at the Launch, Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Director General, Ms Josephine Mapoma who was the Guest of Honour, said the launch of Airtel TV was testament that the broadcasting industry in Zambia was expanding at a fast rate which was a welcome move.

Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Director General, Ms Josephine Mapoma

“The advancement in technology has brought about new ways of creating media content and platforms like mobile service are now able to broadcast TV as we witness in today’s launch of Airtel TV,” Ms Mapoma said.

Adding: “The IBA commends Airtel TV and the value that you will bring to the broadcasting sector. Ladies and gentlemen, with advances in technology, some concerns manifest. In this regard, I wish to caution all parents and guardians to monitor strongly, what their children get exposed to, in order to safeguard our little ones from being morally corrupt.”

Airtel TV will be accessible to all Airtel customers both on prepaid and post-paid with a registered SIM and a data enabled handset or device and will be able to download the Airtel TV+ app from Google Play Store or Apple store

Baday also urged local TV stations and local film producers to come forward with their content for increased visibility.

“We know we have a lot of local content now that has generated a lot of interest amongst people, and Airtel TV is ready to look into this content and make it a part of its bouquet, so we urge local TV stations and even local film producers to come forward with their content for increased visibility,” Baday said.

In attendance at the launch was the newly appointed ZNBC Director Mr. Malolela Lusambo and ZICTA’s Director for Economic Regulation, Mr. Mulenga Chisanga.

Source: Airtel Zambia

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