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Motorola upgrades new Moto Razr to 5G

Remember that the Moto Razr is back, like I shared here? Motorola have now enhanced the iconic flip-phone to include 5G capabilities.

“With the new razr, we rose to the challenge to fit more cutting-edge technology into an even sleeker form factor. With 5G networks rapidly expanding around the world, the 5G edition of razr has you covered now and for the future. The updated chin design reduces the device size while also enabling 5G performance by housing two of the four 5G antennas. All this is powered by a robust Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G processor. Even power-hungry 5G has met its match with our new battery. With the new razr, you can go all day without recharging. Despite the added complexity of 5G and a larger battery, the next generation maintains the slim, cohesive design our consumers and industry experts love.”Motorola

Some of its notable specs are that it allows users to uses the external screen to gain access to phone features like camera, messages, calculator, Keep, Google News, Google Home & YouTube via its Quick View tool.

It has a 48MP with Quad Pixel technology that provides 4 times the low light sensitivity, and can be used as a selfie camera when the phone is closed.

You can see more specs here.

The Moto Razr will first be available in China, select European markets, select markets across, Latin America, Middle East and Asia Pacific and the U.S for  around $1,399.99.


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