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Lick Android L like a Lollipop; The New 5.0 OS Top Features


Google has launched it’s 5th operating system (OS)called Android L or Lollipop that will be open to developers starting today and will be officially released next month.

  • Android L is a much more colourful and bolder OS than the others before it, (think candy store). It has a design called Material Design that basically layers your running apps on on top of the other on the screen for what they claim will be easier transitioning between apps.
  • The new notifications feature called Heads Up will pop up at the top of your screen, allowing you to choose whether or not to see it immediately while you’re doing something else on your app. There is also a notifications drawer that allows you to see your notifications while your screen is locked.
Notifications will show on lock screen
Notifications will show on lock screen
  • The updated OS will make use o f 64-bit computing which will result in better performance of phones and will also include the new Android Extension pack that will enhance graphics so gamers, get set for a better gaming experience overall.
  • Through something called Project Volta, Google will include a feature on the OS that detects when your phone battery is running low and automatically handles your most battery consuming tasks and screen brightness to boost power by up to slightly over an hour, enough time for you to get to your charger, right


  • It also come with Android Smart Lock that makes it easier to unlock your phone if it’s connected to another trusted device like a smartwatch or your car. All you have to do is be close enough and all you need to do is press the power button, rather than type in your password or draw a lock pattern.


  • You can even set up various user accounts that give your friends or family access to your phone, but not your data on it. It’s pretty much similar to the PC feature where you have different accounts on one computer. But who wants to share their phone anyway?
  • There are also reports that the phones will automatically encrypt your data so your data can be only recovered by only you in case your phone is lost or stole. There will also likely be a kill switch that basically makes the phone phone a brick to no one but you.

We sure can’t wait to see what else is new.

Image Credits: TechBuffalo


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