Facebook’s Internet.org Adds 3 More Services For Zambia


Airtel and Facebook recently partnered to introduce free basic internet services in Zambia as their first global deal via the Internet.org app with free basic access to websites such as:

  • AccuWeather
  • Airtel
  • eZeLibrary
  • Facebook
  • Facts for Life
  • Google Search
  • Go Zambia Jobs
  • Kokoliko
  • MAMA (Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action)
  • Messenger
  • Wikipedia
  • WRAPP (Women’s Rights App)
  • Zambia uReport

They have now added on 3 more websites that subscribers can browse for free. These are

1. Zambia Reports: This is alocal new reporting website that covers stories in Zambia and also around the world.

2. SuperSport: From the DSTv channel, SuperSport is the web version of the channel that keeps you up to date with all the sporting action there is. It shows fixtures, scores and news updates on all games.

3. Ebola Info by UNICEF: A collaborative effort by the Zambian Ministry of Health and UNICEF Zambia, this website aims to teach people about the Ebola virus. It has all the FAQs related to the disease, such as how one gets infected and how to prevent it. what bettr time to create the site than now when it’s an epidemic and killing thousands especially in West Africa as we speak (write?).

As with all the other websites serviced by Internet.org, you only get basic access, meaning you can not view outbound links, download content, watch videos or use more advanced features of the sites as those incur data charges on the Airtel network.  A pop-up notification should come on warning you that your browsing will be charged at normal data rates.

With access to basic internet becoming more of a necessity than a want/luxury, the Internet.org facility is exactly what Zambia needs. MArk Zuckerburg launched it first in Zambia so we can only be grateful. Hopefully, it launches with the other mobile networks, MTN and Zamtel, so we can all have equal access, but for now, browse away with your Airtel SIM card.

Image Credit: Internet.org


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