6 August 2022

MTN Zambia launches Media Club

With the realisation that the media is a vital tool that plays a pivotal role in disseminating information, MTN Zambia has launched a Media Club which will be an interactive platform that promotes viable interaction amongst media practitioners and enhances the coverage of business and development news.

Speaking when he officiated at the official launch of theMedia Club at Radisson Blu Hotel in Lusaka, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary, Mr. Chanda Kasolo commended MTN Zambia for being a consistent investor in the development of Zambia’s telecommunications sector.

“The Zambian government is encouraged to see a strong partnership between the Media and Private Sector. The role of the Media in reporting on the economic strides of the country cannot be overemphasized. It is through your close partnership with investors such as MTN Zambia, that we can continue to showcase Zambia as a stable and investor-friendly destination,” he said.

Mr. Kasolo also noted that the Media has a crucial role to play in ensuring accountability within the private sector by focusing on the track record of businesses, highlighting their investment commitments and presence in the community.

“Partnerships that equip Zambian Journalists with capacity and competence to report on various business sectors such as Telecommunication, Agriculture, Mining, Technology and Tourism will always be welcomed and supported by the Government of the Republic of Zambia. I am aware that MTN Zambia has for the last few years been engaged in supporting local Journalists to its Highway Africa Conference for an opportunity to better understand the Telecommunication sector and how to report on the innovation and advances happening,” he said.

PS of the Ministry of Information Chanda Kasolo (l) shakes hands with MTN Zambia CEO Philip Van Dalsen (r)

At the same event, MTN Zambia Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Philip van Dalsen said MTN Zambia, being Zambia’s leading Network, is passionate about the Media and recognizes the crucial role it plays in the development of society.

We are committed to work closely with the Media in our bid to provide excellent telecommunications and value-added services. At MTN Zambia, we realize that our effort in executing this mandate would be void if it were done without an active collaboration with the media in the country. The media is a vital tool that will play a crucial role in disseminating information regarding our various products and services,” he said.

Mr. van Dalsen further added that MTN Zambia shall always endeavour to remain relevant to the media not only as a news source but also through implementing initiatives that will promote the growth and development of the media industry.

“Our desire is that the media shall continue to educate and inform different communities on the importance of telecommunications and economic development. It is for this purpose that as a telecommunications company, we have deemed it fit to consolidate our relations with the media and foster the creation of an informed and technologically advanced populace in the country,” he said.