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Google has launched Android Pay: The Mobile Revolution continues…

(Image Source: Android.com)

Google has announced the release of its mobile wallet app Android Pay, which is a mobile money service that Android users can now use to pay for goods and services, and Google has  promised us that they ‘will continue to add even more features, banks and store locations in the coming months, making it even easier to pay with your Android phone,’ according to their blog.  Zambia a likely destination? Hope so.

Watch how it works below:

For now, it is on only available in the US with some select partners (shown below) and will work with the 4 major payment gateways MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Android Pay partners in the US
Some Android Pay partners in the US

Tomake mobile payments on Android Pay, you simply have to enter your credit/debit card on your preferred Android device, and the information is stored as a virtual account so no private data is sent about your card wherever you make payments.  

you can then place your device near the compatible PoS machine and voila! Paid!

(Image Source: Android.com)

The point of sale machines are similar to the ones we use to swipe our cards, but have an NFC feature that your Android device connects to, to make payments.

Android Pay will also show  your transaction log in its app, so you can keep track of where your money is going.

If you lose your phone, you don’t have to get your card blocked. Go to Android Device Manager on another device, create a new password and wipe the stolen device of its data remotely so the thief can’t get to it.

Read more on how to set it up on your device or how you can get your business signed up for Android Pay here.


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