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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Hands-on Review


At first sight, you’ll love the Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+ with all its curvaceousness but what really will sell it is its size seeing as phablets are fast becoming the preferred devices globally.

What makes it special? 20150830_2119491. Its smaller sized brother the Samsung S6 Edge had a ‘People Edge’ feature which allows users to add 5 main contacts onto a menu on one edge of the phone. This has been maintained in the Edge+.


2. The S6 Edge+ has had “App Edge” added to it in addition to that as well, allowing for the 5 most used apps to be added to the Edge menu as well by the user. Then again, do you really care for all that when you can search for contacts as you’ve always done, add speed dials, use the phone’s digital assistant, or just scroll the menu tab for the app you want.

3. Live broadcast straight from your camera to YouTube. You can shedule the stream or post immediately.


How much bigger is it than the S6 Edge

The S6 Edge is 5.1″ while the S6 Edge+ bumped up its screen to 5.7″. Read more on whether the bigger Edge+ is better here.

What is its battery life with mobile data turned on and connected to 4G/LTE connectivity?

It lasted me about 9 hours, with use of most of the major apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I also constantly checked my emails throughout that period. You should be excited at the fact that the Edge+ also charges faster as well. Think load-shedding and the little time you have for charging! Are you sold yet? Let’s move on to price…

What does it cost in Zambia? 

Do you know where to have your kidneys sold? Well, find out because at a retail price globally of $1200, the exchange rate in Zambia will slay you, putting the price of the S6 Edge+ at over K12,000.

I have small hands, and the Edge+ fits like this

Should you buy it? 

Only if you can afford it, or if you want to catch people’s attention. There is not much difference in performance with the S6 Edge or the flat S6, so you shouldn’t stress yourself in trying to get loans to own an Edge+. I recommend it for the financially capable.

How fast does it charge? 

I got a full battery within an hour using a fast charger that accompanies the phone. Samsung promises 90 minutes to get a full battery using the fast charger, and 120 minutes using the wireless charger.

My greatest fear: 

Dropping it! It’s such a sleek phone and the curves didn’t help make me feel secure holding it. It feels firmer to hold than the S6 Edge, but not as firm as with the flat S6. You may want to buy a phone cover that has handcuffs.


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