Airtel Zambia slashes data PAYG rate and introduces non-expiry bundles

Airtel Networks Zambia Plc has introduced non expiry bundles and slashed the data Pay As You Go (PAYG) rate.

Airtel’s Managing Director, Mr Apoorva Mehrotra made the announcement on 3rd February 20202 saying the PAYG rate had been slashed from K1.05 per 1MB to K0.10 per MB.

“We continue to be the most innovative mobile service provider, bringing to our customers affordable products and services and now with the pay as you go rate slashed, subscribers on the Airtel Network will be able to browse on PAYG once the bundle has depleted or when they have not subscribed to any bundle at 10ngwee per each MB used.” Mehrotra Said.

In announcing the new non expiry bundles, Mehrotra said there would be 3 categories of non-expiry bundles which also include a 1GB non-expiry bundle costing K90.

“We will have 3 types of expiry bundles which our customers can choose from depending on their usage of course because even non expiry bundles can be depleted. We are happy to announce that customers can now also buy non –expiry bundles of 2.5GB and 5.5GB bundle at K200 and K400 respectively,” he said.

Adding: “The introduction of non-expiry bundles plus the slashing of the date PAYG rate, could not have come at a better time than this after the launch of the 100% 4G Konse Campaign as well as most recently, Airtel TV which has over 30 channels to view from and over 800 videos on demand.”

With the slashing of the PAYG rate and the introduction of the non-expiry bundles, more customers will now be able to browse as well as watch Airtel TV which is accessible by downloading the Airtel TV app from Google Play Store or Apple store.

Source: Airtel Zambia