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Facebook Groups App Launched, All Your People In One Place


We all have been invited to join one group or more, or even been unwillingly added to one, whether it’s an old school you went to that keeps you in touch with your old friends, or family all over the world staying connected in a group, or simply a  circle of people who share similar tastes, we all have somewhat been exposed to a Facebook Group.

Facebook has now rolled out a Facebook Groups App that allows you to join or create groups that are relevant to you.


In its blog, Facebook said when you open the app you see the groups you use the most at 
the top, with others at the bottom that you can easily navigate through. You can share links that interest you, share photos, videos, just like you would in a single person chat, but with more people all at one time.

You can even search for groups within the Groups App or within Facebook itself and ask to join them if you’re interested in what they’re about. Sounds orderly doesn’t it?


The idea is great because it reduces the notifications we get in the main app from groups, but some people won’t want to have an overload of apps clustering their phone. Others may find the Facebook Groups App useful if they spend more time in groups than the main Facebook app itself. So it’s a bittersweet reaction to the Groups App, but then again, this is Facebook, they want to make UE (user experiences) worth signing up for the app in the first place.

The Groups app can be used on phones and PCs. It is available in the Google Play Store and App Store right now. Get it here.

All Images Courtesy of the Facebook Newsroom


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