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Nokia Returns, With An Android Tablet


We thought they were done after Microsoft bought part of the the company but nope! Nokia is back baby, and they’re coming with a tablet!


This will be the first device they release and sell after they Microsoft  tablet is expected to be released early next yearygigk

The Nokia tablet is expected to run on Android and will be first available in China, seeing as Chinese company Foxconn will be working on the device too. Calling it the N1, the tablet reminds us of the iPad Mini. Smell competition anyone?


Clearly Nokia will still be in the race of tech devices/gadgets even after what has been a series of dwindling market share, bless Microsoft’s soul.

Since selling their devices and services part of the company to Microsoft, the deal doesn’t stop them from making other devices and so they will, starting with the N1, plus many more expected to come. We were wrong, Nokia lives on.

The tablet is expected to hit shelves at $239 in China when rolled out. For more details about the tablet’s features, visit Nokia.com.

Think of this N1 as a fresh start for Nokia. They haven’t been killed off entirely so there’s a chance for them to start over, get a new client base, become as popular as they once were and dominate whatever category of merchandise they start to sell to us.

All they need to do is get their stuff together (I really didn’t mean to type stuff) and focus on their new ideas, execute them brilliantly and come back and try us one more time.

All Images Courtesy of Nokia.com


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