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Zambian Social Media ablaze about Big Brother Hotshots, with Macky II as the ‘pulogulamu’


Twitter and Facebook should have crashed last night, thankfully not, as Africa went on to tweet and post about the launch of the 9th Season of Big Brother Africa.

With posts ranging between good and bad from Zambia and the rest of Africa too, social media created just the right platform to get Africa talking about the show. From previous shows, this talk won’t stop till well into the next season as Africans keep in touch and update each other on what’s happening  in the show.

Twitter trends from Zambia, compiled by TrendsMap

We will see peak times on social media whenever something interesting happens in the house, but especially over the weekends as evictions of housemates occurs.

Right there folks, is the power of social media and even the Big Brother organizers know it! For the period of the show we expect to see tweets and posts from viewers constantly being scrolled at the bottom of our screen, or maybe even being discussed on the eviction shows every Sunday evening.

Social media is also a platform that the show uses to carry out competitions to engage with its audience and reward them with prizes for their efforts. We expect that to happen as this show progresses.


Without social media, the show would be limited to calls and SMSes as a way of engaging but most would find that costly and decline from participating, just watching the show on TV, keeping their thoughts to themselves.

Zambia is being represented by Macky II, a famed artist that many have mixed feelings about but we hope he does make it.


What does this teach us? 

Regardless of what event, show or program you have, there’s power in a hashtag. No, really! Social media is just as important in the planning of almost anything you do before launching onto the scene, be it a product, service, event, show, ANYTHING. You can’t deny it really helps you push your brand and creates a constant feedback tool from your targeted market as well as your existing customer/fan base.

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