DStvZambia Launches Xplora Decoder

Xplora_DSTV_ZM_FBDSTV Zambia, Multichoice Zambia to be correct, yesterday launched the Xplora Decoder which will retail for K2, 200.

This was at an event last night hosted for customers, the Xplora was amid speculation on price. Today on the dstv facebook page, less than an hour ago, it was unveiled for the public, however no mention on the price is there.

Our inside source confirms that the price of the device will be K2, 200 (~US$400), which when compared to the South African price of US$241.00, is almost double the price. However, compared to the Zimbabwean price, of US$445 excluding LNB – as reported by our sister blog TechZim, it is a bit more affordable.

Whether it is import duties or a matter of price discrimination we can only speculate at this point. We shall wait to hear from the Multichoice Zambia Team for a press release. Let us know your comments, and whether or not you will make the upgrade.

Image credit: DSTV Zambia facebook page

2 thoughts on “DStvZambia Launches Xplora Decoder

  • Prince Mudolo

    I bought a DSTV xplora decoder and have been receiving messages that you don’t have my email address and phone number yet during registration I filled in the forms and wrote my email address and phone number

    • Hi. You would have to go to a Multichoice store and ask the Customer Care agents there.

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