20 Days to Go To Register Your SIM

In a desperate attempt to rally people to use the available means to check if SIM cards have been registered, ZICTA today posted on their Facebook page the different ways to check on each mobile network if one is registered.

20 days to go - ZICTA Facebook Post
20 days to go – ZICTA Facebook Post


Judging from the responses, many of the people on the page, still have issues with registeration prior to and post registration. Chief among them accessible points for registration, confusion on the process – completion and verification, and wrong/mispelled names.

Airtel insiders say over ┬ácustomers have been registered as at today over 2.4 million of their customers. MTN Zambia, Public and Press Relations Team did not respond to our query, and Zamtel referred our query to ZICTA – the custodians of the stats. This is a significant improvement for Airtel from when we had 50 days to go, and quite commendable.

Given the importance of registering your SIM cards has been overly emphasized elsewhere. We would like to remind you that the benefits outweigh the cost in time spent carrying out the process — imagine your SIM card being yours to own for dear life provided you produce your valid ID.

Send us your comments and feedback on the process, and share your photos of queues and other places where you find mobile operators carrying out the exercise.

Images: ZICTA

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