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What’s the Deal with KaDealo?


Ever heard of Groupon? KaDealo is not quite like it but very similar. The great thing about it is that it is accessible offline and there is no need to print coupons. KaDealo has been adapted to the Zambian market by being SMS based. So, the only danger of losing a great bargain is forgetting your phone at home which we all know rarely happens in this day and age.
KaDealo is a mobile marketplace where members can acquire exclusive offers and discounts on the best things to do across Zambia including restaurants, spas, hotels, shopping and much more. According to their company profile, the KaDealo mobile platform is a world first in that it allows customers to access daily deals using SMS, the web and social media.

If you love discounts, then this is something worth checking out. In order to get deals of the day or maybe deals of the week or even deals of the month, one needs to be a member of KaDealo by simply going to their website at www.kadealo.com.

The website has a friendly user interface (UI) and lands you right on the sign-up page. Simple and straight to the point spells efficiency. The company requires your full name, date of birth, email address, phone number, and city. I am guessing the date of birth has something to do with verification of age. Being in Zambia, nobody explains why they are getting your information or how they will use it. So, I just hope my personal information is secure and not to be shared with another company since there is no privacy policy on the website.

After signing up, you have to text 0968002228 to verify your account. At this point, I begin to wonder just how free this service is. I am already investing K0.2625 for the SMS. Let’s hope that I at least win the 2 tickets to Oktoberfest, which is a competition they have running now on their Facebook page so check it out here as well!


What’s in it for KaDealo is that they are middlemen encouraging people to try different products and services each time a coupon is redeemed.

KaDealo was co-founded by Barbara Nicoll and Dynal Patel. Barbara is primarily focussed on Sales and Operations drawing on her various experiences within Customer Services and Financial Services over the last 12 years in both the UK and Zambia. Dynal is a Co-Founder at KaDealo. He leads the product team in creating the right user experiences and oversees the product vision, strategy and development. Dynal draws on his experience as a mobile interaction designer at Microsoft Research, and is a veteran product manager that has launched numerous consumer and business products and services for Vodafone Group.

Seems like these guys are geared to ride the e-commerce revolution around the corner. It is very exciting to have an exclusive deals service in Zambia catering to 19 cities. Imagine all those sales, discounts and bargains never-ending. The focus is definitely on the SMS functionality as their tagline is “life never texted so good…”!

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