Chrome browser’s about to get up to 26% faster

2016-01-21 13.41.28

Google’s Chrome browser, which is being used globally by over 40% of the internet population,  is about to get a whole lot faster with a new algorithm in place that compresses data and reduces loading time for websites.

Web browser market share as of December 2015 (Source:
Web browser market share as of December 2015 (Source:

Google should roll out this new technology in coming months. The algorithm is called Brotli and will likely launch with the next Chrome update, gathering from a Google+ post by Google web performance engineer Ilya Grigorik.

Brotli was introduced in September but with no launch date. It’s expected to be between 20 and 26% faster and efficient than its current compression algorithm, Zopfli.

When using Chrome on mobile devices you can appreciate that this will mean way less data transfer fees and reduced battery use.

However, should we be concerned about the loss of quality of data on the browser?


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