Celebrating #GirlsInICT: Rodasi Chikamba

We celebrate Rodasi Chikamba, Airtel Zambia’s Head of CX Governance and Quality

1) Why should more girls take up technology or ICT-related subjects:

A career in Technology is usually considered to be a male/boys path, but now the world is changing, females/girls are also taking up the challenge. More girls should take up Technology/ICT related subjects as this area is dynamic…. it’s exciting, there is rapid growth hence not boring and exposure to other ways of working as technology has literally taken over the way we do things. And that’s the future

2) What can Zambia do to help them get to where they want to be in their careers? 

Technology studies need tools e.g. computers (desktops, Laptops etc…) they also need connectivity to the internet, Knowledgeable Teachers for information transfer as well as building innovation so that we are not just users but innovators as well hence playing a major role in technological advancement



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