Celebrating #GirlsInICT: Christabel Kaluzi

Celebrating #GirlsInICT: Christabel Kaluzi, Manager of VAS, Data & Devices-  Airtel Zambia.
Techtrends: Why should more girls get into ICT and what can Zambia do to help them get where they need to be?
Christabel: Celebrating #GirlsInICT: Christabel KaluziGirls should be encouraged to take tech/ICT subjects because technology is rapidly evolving and girls need to be given the equal opportunity to share fresh ideas that can be beneficial. Girls in the past have known tech subjects to be for men only, which is not the case at all.
Zambia needs to invest in the girl child and have more scholarships to assist these girls achieve their dreams of being engineers and IT specialists.


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