Celebrating #GirlsInICT: Jane Meccah Katulu

Jane Meccah Katulu has a Bachelors Degree in ‘Telecommunications Engineering’ and a Master’s Degree in ‘Info-Communication Technology and Communication Systems Engineering’ and I am currently working with Ericsson Zambia as a 2nd Level Operations Engineer.
Asked why more should girls take up technology or ICT-related subjects, and what can Zambia do to help them get to where they want to be in their careers, she says:
“I think more girls should take up Technology related subjects because there is a need to fill the skills gap in the Tech sector and it will eventually create a diverse workforce that truly presents the world we live in. Besides that, letting a girl take up subjects that are stereotypically male dominant will boost their self esteem making them unstoppable and dreaming Big.
Zambia as a whole has alot to do in making sure that more girls take up technology related subjects. Some of which include cultivating the idea early on by doing outreach in schools, producing more literature and documentaries on role models to whom young women can relate. This is to show them that these opportunities are equally available as they are to men. Encouraging participation in tech related programs, introducing tech-rated devices in schools as this will bring about an interest in technology.”


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