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You Can Now Get Google Earth Pro For Free!


Previously priced at $400 (about ZMW 2600), Google Earth Pro has now been made totally free.

The service allows users to view parts of the earth using satellite imagery and should be considered a relief by people who use geographical data to do business such as construction and transportation companies. They now get to save that $400 a year!

Google Earth Pro works with 3D mapping so it’s much better for people/firms that need very sharp satellite imagery. It is more advanced and targeted for businesses than the regular Google Earth as it provides features that can map out a place, measure distances, areas of places and heights of buildings, and even includes drawing tools. You don’t have to be on-site to plan out construction works for example.

Here is what makes it different from Google Earth:


You can also watch the video highlighting the key features of Google Earth Pro below:

To get it obtain a key and download Google Earth Pro here.


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