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Whatsapp Voice Call Feature For Android Slowly Rolled Out

Whatsapp had promised a voice call feature within the app and India seems to be the first country with users who have access as reported by FirstPost.

One user only known as pradnesh07 on Reddit posted screenshots that showed the app layout with the call feature. It will have all the contacts on Whatsapp on your phone shown like this:


To activate the new feature, a user has to call another, who will then get a prompt to upgrade to the new version. It’s on invitation basis in short.

The feature is currently painstakingly being rolled out to Android users.  This is big competition for apps like Skype and Viber that have the voice calling features already. The Social messenger previously only has text and file sharing options.

The biggest advantage that Whatsapp has over most social messengers is its use of very minimal bandwidth, so data bundle consumption is not so high. We’re hoping this will apply to the voice calling feature as well. If Whatsapp can maintain that they can expect a huge market headed their way.

Another addition that would blow them from the ranks they currently are in is video calling. The real competition would then begin with rivals Skype and Viber.


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